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Final Fantasy XVI Demo Details To Be Revealed Soon; No Further Delays Expected

Details regarding a playable demo for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI will be revealed soon, and no further delays are to be expected.

During the recent Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream, Naoki Yoshida stated that fans can look forward to a playable demo for Final Fantasy XVI before the game’s release on June 22, 2023. He said that he will announce the date and further details regarding the demo sometime soon.

Final fantasy xvi demo

Yoshida mentioned that he will discuss the contents of the demo in detail, including how he expects players to engage with the different game mechanics and systems. It’s not yet clear whether this playable demo will feature the same slice of the game that the press had previously spent hands-on time with. He also confirmed once again that there will be no further delay in the release of Final Fantasy XVI. He jokingly added that once it has been released, he will talk to the Final Fantasy XIV Producer i.e. himself, about the possibility of a collaboration between the two games.

Previously, it was revealed that Final Fantasy XVI will feature near instant load times and a Frame Rate mode that targets 60fps with some compromises to image quality. Speaking during a panel dedicated to Final Fantasy XVI at PAX East 2023, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the game features a Frame Rate mode that targets 60fps and demonstrated that it takes advantage of the PS5 hardware to deliver near instant load times.

During the demonstration, Yoshida revealed that Final Fantasy XVI will feature two Performance modes: a Graphics mode that targets 30fps while running at a resolution of 4K (2160p), and a Frame Rate mode that targets 60fps while compromising on resolution. While it was not explicitly stated what resolution the Frame Rate mode would run at, it’s likely to be close to 1440p. Meanwhile, the demonstration also showed a save file being loaded during gameplay. The PS5 loaded the file near instantly, taking around 3 seconds to return to gameplay.

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