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Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen DLC: How To Unlock Buster and Onion Sword

Final Fantasy XVI players who purchase the expansion pass can take advantage of a special bonus by unlocking Buster and Onion Sword. In this guide, we will cover the details of how to unlock them in the game.

Echoes of the Fallen is the new expansion to Final Fantasy XVI that is out to download now. The download size of Echoes of the Fallen expansion for Final Fantasy XVI is around 8 GB give or take, and you also need to make sure to grab the latest update for the game.

How To Access Echoes of the Fallen DLC In FFXVI

To access the Echoes of the Fallen DLC, players must first reach a specific point in the main story, identified as Back to their Origin. Additionally, the completion of the sidequest Priceless is required.

The prerequisite for unlocking Priceless involves completing three earlier sidequests: Cut from the Cloth, Phoenix, Heal Thyself, and Where There’s a Will.

Once these conditions are met, players can then accept the new quest from the hideaway, thereby unlocking the Echoes of the Fallen DLC.

How To Unlock Buster and Onion Sword In Final Fantasy XVI

The Buster and Onion Sword is a special bonus item given to those who have downloaded the new update for the game. It can be accessed in the game menu and equipped by Clive.

To unlock them, you will need to head into the System menu. From there, go to the last tab, which is the Redeemable Item. You will find the three bonus items there: Buster Sword, Onion Sword, and Away (1987) Orchestrion Roll.

These weapons have a default base stat of 160 Attack and 160 Stagger, which might be weak if you are already at the end game. You can get the Ultimate Weapon which is far more powerful compared to these bonus weapons, but there is no doubt that these are iconic weapons to equip and use in the game.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now for PS5. The game is also in development for PC.

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