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Tekken 8 Final Character Selection Screen & Devil Jin Gameplay Leaked

The final character selection screen and brand new gameplay for Tekken 8, featuring Devil Jin, have been leaked.

That leak debunks a prior leak regarding the Tekken 8 character selection menu, as the character placement is different here. Victor’s idle animation can be also be seen in the final character select screen. The leaked video shows the rainy stage from the initial reveal as well as a first look at Devil Jin’s gameplay.

Tekken 8 devil jin

Tekken 8 Leaked Gameplay Featuring Devil Jin

The leaked Tekken 8 gameplay footage featuring Devil Jin can be seen below.

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Tekken 8 Final Character Selection Screen

The leaked final character selection screen for Tekken 8 can be seen below.

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Additionally, a few content creators have mentioned that some major announcement or reveal is planned for Tekken 8 on December 12, 2023. A Reddit user mentioned that a streamer from their country made a similar claim regarding the same date. They mentioned that they attended a special Bandai Namco event in November that involved Tekken 8. They added they were unable to reveal anything for now, but, come December 12, they will be able to share exciting new information regarding the game on their YouTube channel. Chances are we’ll get to see a new game mode or feature that Bandai Namco Entertainment has been holding back from the public.

Previously, the German PlayStation Store had accidentally mentioned the DLC characters that will be included in the Year 1 Character Pass for Tekken 8 in the listing for the game’s Deluxe Edition. The error was later fixed, but eagle-eyed fans were able to grab screenshots of the listing.

The aforementioned DLC characters include Roger, Xiao Meng,Armor King, and Eddy Gordo. Three of the above fighters are returning characters from previous entries, while Xiao Meng is a newcomer to the series. As of writing, no further details are available regarding the latter.

Tekken 8 is the eighth main and tenth overall installment in the Tekken fighting game series. It is scheduled for release on January 26, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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