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Final Fantasy XVI To Receive A New Trailer In October 2022

Final Fantasy XVI is all set to receive a brand new trailer this month in October, 2022, as confirmed by the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida.

During the Studio NGC livestream (translated by Genki on Twitter) today, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the studio will “release something” for the game this month in October, 2022.

Final fantasy xvi october 2022

During the stream, Yoshida asked, “Is it October yet?”, to which the presenter responded with a “yes”. It was then that the Final Fantasy XVI producer confirmed that Studio NGC will “release something” this month in October, 2022, which can only be a new trailer. It’s likely that the trailer will also include a release date, as Yoshida had commented earlier that development on the game was almost complete.

Yoshi-P had revealed during TGS 2022 that the game will receive a release date and a new trailer sometime next month. He said that the studio is in the final stretch of development, and the visual effects are already done. He added that the game features a large library of sounds and that the audio team wasn’t particularly thrilled about this aspect.

The studio has made adjustments to Final Fantas XVI’s gameplay systems in order to make it more appealing to those who aren’t fond of action games, said Yoshi-P. He mentioned that, as a result of the feedback provided by him to the development team, Final Fantasy XVI is shaping up to be a true roller coaster of both action and story. Once you get on the ride, it goes full throttle and doesn’t stop from beginning to end, he added.

Previously, it was revealed that Square Enix had considered making Final Fantasy XVI a cross-gen game. The development team had originally considered releasing Final Fantasy XVI on the PS4 during early development, around the time the very first trailer was revealed. However, due to concerns over hardware limitations, these plans were abandoned and the game did not end up becoming a cross-gen release.

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