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Final Fantasy XVI Producer Wants To Do New Games Instead of Creating A Sequel

The Producer of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI, Naoki Yoshida, wants to make new games instead of working on a sequel.

Speaking during the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast (via), Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida discussed that rather than working on a sequel or spinoff, his team at Creative Business Unit 3, would rather continue to develop and expand Final Fantasy XIV.

Final fantasy xvi sequel

However, this does not mean that Yoshida isn’t interested in making new games. On the contrary, he mentioned that him and his team at Creative Business Unit 3 have a strong desire to use the experience gained from working on Final Fantasy XVI to make a completely different game. Perhaps this means the development team will work on the next numbered entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVII, or perhaps they will opt to work on a new IP altogether.

The sixteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI, is set in the twin continents of Valisthea, divided among six nations. Power is held by these nations through access to magical Crystals and Dominants, who serve as hosts for each nation’s Eikon. Tensions rise as a magical drought known as the Blight consumes the land. Clive Rosfield, guardian to his younger brother Joshua, witnesses his kingdom’s destruction and becomes embroiled in the conflict between Valisthea’s nations and a secret force driving the war.

Players control protagonist Clive Rosfield and a rotating party of AI-controlled companions across segmented open areas in Valisthea. Familiar series elements, like Chocobos and various monster types, are present. Following a story-driven prologue, Clive can travel to different parts of Valisthea. The world consists of enclosed dungeons, towns, and open fields, selected via a fast travel menu. Movement in open zones is on foot or via Chocobo. Clive’s hub is a hideout, serving as a base to interact with NPCs, track relationships, access shops for equipment, and accept side quests. Information on locations, characters, and terminology is stored in the Active Time Lore database, accessible to players at any time.

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