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Final Fantasy XVI Producer: No One Said Anything About A PC Version, Just Buy A PS5

The Final Fantasy XVI producer has responded to rumors regarding the game’s release on PC by saying that no one said anything about a PC version.

Speaking during a special live stream, Final Fantasy XVI producer, Naoki Yoshida, stated that he doesn’t know why people are talking about a PC version of the game, as no one at the studio has made any announcement on that front.

Final fantasy xvi pc

He wondered why PC fans are making it sound as if there will be a PC version available on the platform 6 months after the PS5 release. As such, he recommended that Final Fantasy XVI fans waiting for a PC release should just buy a PS5 instead. It did seem like Yoshida was half-joking, however, as he later apologized, saying that he went kind of overboard with his comment. He just wants fans to experience the game as soon as it is available, as the development team has worked very hard to deliver it to them.

Indeed, the original plan for Final Fantasy XVI’s timed exclusivity on PS5 was for a period of at least 6 months, as stated towards the end of the game’s official trailers. However, Square Enix has extended the timed exclusivity for Final Fantasy titles on PlayStation platforms in the past, and that may well be the case with Final Fantasy XVI as well. It’s difficult to say for sure without knowing the specifics of the exclusivity deal that took place between Square Enix and Sony.

During a previous live stream, Yoshida had revealed that everything seen in the recent “Revenge” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was all real-time and that the game will showcase the power of the PS5 hardware. According to Yoshi-P, the latest trailer features real-time rendering in its entirety, and that the camera can be turned at any time to reflect the fact. He said that Final Fantasy XVI has now become a game that will truly show off what the PS5 hardware is capable of.

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