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Final Fantasy XVI Xbox Port Is Rumored To Be In The Works

An Xbox Series X|S port of Square Enix’s action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, is in development, based on the latest rumor.

Speaking during the latest episode of The Infinite Podcast, Shpeshal Nick was asked regarding the chances of either of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XVI receiving an Xbox port this year. He responded by stating that he’s heard “so many things” about Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the one purveying thing he was always told was to to not hold his breath. He added that Sony Interactive Entertainment doesn’t seem to want to let the console exclusivity go.

Final fantasy xvi xbox port

On the other hand, Nick had some positive information to share for Xbox fans regarding Final Fantasy XVI. He mentioned that it was the mystery game he had mentioned during last week’s episode of the XboxEra Podcast. He had received a DM from one of his sources during the podcast regarding a certain game coming to Xbox that, if and when it is revealed, would, in _Sikamikanico’s words, “set the internet on fire” and “cause drama.” Back then, Nick chose not to reveal the game’s identity. Regarding the individual who sent the DM, Nick said that it is the same person who correctly revealed to him that Visions of Mana would be making an appearance at the recent Xbox Developer Direct.

As for Final Fantasy VII Remake making its way to Xbox platforms, while Nick doesn’t appear to be hopeful, Jez Corden believes that it may happen. During a recent episode of The Xbox Two podcast, Corden, who is known for his sources within the game industry, stated that he doesn’t believe Final Fantasy VII Remake is contractually locked down by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a permanent console exclusive. As per him, the window of opportunity exists for it to appear on other platforms, including Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

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