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How To Fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Performance Issues On Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has had a shaky launch due to performance issues, and if you’re looking for a way to fix them, read ahead.

Since their launch, users have been reporting performance issues in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but, luckily, there’s a simple and easy way to fix them.

Pokemon scarlet violet fix performance

How To Fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Performance Issues

The biggest issue with both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet comes in the form of frame rate drops, and performance is pretty inconsistent as a result. As it turns out, this appears to be due to a memory leak of some sort that is triggered when players arrive near towns or cities.

All you need to do in order to fix the issue is to restart the game. Doing so should take care of the frame rate drops and provide more stable performance. However, you may need do a restart every time you are near a city or a town, so it’s certainly not ideal. Nevertheless, it’s a workaround until an official fix is available from Nintendo.

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet feature some exclusive Pokemon not found in the other version. In addition, the games have their own unique Pokemon professors, namely Professor Sada and Professor Turo. Professors in Pokemon games play an important role, as they serve as guides and mentors for the player. Those who opt for Pokemon Violet will meet Professor Turo, while players who pick up Pokemon Scarlet will be encounter Professor Sada instead.

Besides the aforementioned key difference between Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, there are some other minor changes, such as your base outfit being different depending on the version of the game you’re playing. Your outfit will appear orange in Pokémon Scarlet, and blue in Pokémon Violet. In addition, your trainer’s appearance will also be different across both versions.

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