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Forspoken Devs Were Planning Other Projects Including A Sequel Before Getting Shut Down

Luminous Productions, the developer behind Forspoken, was planning to work on other projects, including a sequel before getting shut down.

RPGSite owner Alex Donaldson has shared details regarding the status of Luminous Productions, revealing that the studio had been planning other projects, including a sequel. However, it had recently been announced that the development team will be redistributed throughout Square Enix from May 1, 2023. This is also likely to mark the end of Luminous Engine as a tech, he added.

Forspoken sequel

Donaldson further stated that Luminous Productions had designs on and was in the preliminary stages of work on some other games, including outlines for a Forspoken sequel. However, he said that it seems unlikely any of that will now be happening. Between now and May 1, the studio will remain entirely focused on Forspoken. The development team is currently working on a previously announced patch to address overall game performance as well as the DLC, titled “In Tanta we Trust”, which is set for release this summer.

Since the studio was established in 2018, its vision was to make AAA games that fused technology and artistry to deliver completely new play experiences. The developer thanked fans and offered appreciation towards them for being a part of the journey. The team at Luminous Productions looks forward to continuing to create new entertainment and experiences as a part of the Square Enix family.

The aforementioned Forspoken update aims to improve the overall experience for players on both PC and PS5 platforms. This will include enhancements to the game’s performance, graphics, playability and general updates and fixes to the content. These changes are based on feedback from players and the development team’s commitment to delivering the best possible gaming experience. However, the specific changes have not been detailed yet, and more information will be provided soon.

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