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Gears 6 Is Rumored To Feature A 60 FPS Performance Mode On Xbox

The next entry in Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition’s Gears franchise, Gears 6, will feature a 60 fps performance mode, based on the latest rumor.

Reset Era member Shinobi took to the forum to respond to another member who hoped for Gears 6 to include a 60 fps performance mode on .Xbox consoles. In his response, he told his fellow forum member not to worry, suggesting that he’s confident about the game targeting 60 fps, at least in one of the graphics modes that will be available to players.

Gears 6 60 fps xbox

This confirmation of sorts from an industry insider ought to be reassuring for fans, who have expressed concern over the recent slew of first party Xbox games that don’t offer a 60 fps performance mode, including Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Starfield, and Redfall (at launch). Given how the series is also known for its multiplayer, it was highly unlikely for it to run at 30 fps to begin with. The campaign, however, may have targeted 30 fps, but it’s good to hear that it too will offer a 60 fps performance mode.

Developer The Coalition is known for its technical prowess with Unreal Engine 5. As such, Gears 6 is expected to be a graphical showcase for the current-gen Xbox consoles. However, fans should keep expectations in check, as the game will not sport the kind of visual fidelity that is seen in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Both games have very different design goals and performance targets.

Previously, Windows Central editor and The Xbox Two podcast co-host Jez Corden had reported that he had heard some impressive things about what The Coalition has been working on with regards to the Gears series. He urged fans to be a little more patient, as it will ultimately be rewarded. Earlier, Jeff Grubb had claimed during an episode of GiantBomb’s Game Mess Mornings that The Coalition had canceled a smaller project along with another title to work on Gears 6.

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