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Rise of the Ronin Update 1.003.001 Drops Today

Team Ninja has released Rise of the Ronin update 1.003.001 today. The file size and update version appear to indicate it is a minor patch.

While Team Ninja hasn’t officially shared any patch notes, there were still quite a few known bugs in the game that were being reported. The last major patches for the game was released one after another. It fixed a major game-breaking bug in addition to resolving various other issues, but the performance of the game hasn’t improved much since its launch in late March. There are also reports of the game crashing on PS5.

The last update to Rise of the Ronin patched it to version 1.003.000 and this new update is a minor increment bumping it to version 1.003.001.

Version 1.02 tackles several bugs, including a significant issue where acquired skills or developed technology could inexplicably vanish. Players affected by this problem will have their lost skills and technology restored upon applying the update. Additionally, the update resolves issues related to completion time tracking for specific in-game activities like Cat Concierge, Pilgrim Dog, and Gardening in the Longhouse, which were inaccurately counted even when the game was not actively running. Furthermore, the patch addresses technical glitches such as characters and horses sinking into the ground, enemies becoming invincible during combat, disappearing models or weapons, and equipment selection problems during the “Redesign” process.

Version 1.03 of Rise of the Ronin focuses on rectifying issues that hindered players’ progress or caused inconvenience during gameplay. One notable fix addresses a problem where players were erroneously redirected to Yokohama after participating in online multiplayer sessions, preventing them from returning to Edo. This update ensures that players can seamlessly continue their adventures without interruption. Additionally, the patch addresses an issue with treasure chests in specific locations, like Chiba Dojo and Military Academy in Edo, where chests would be open before being discovered, affecting the collection rate. Another bug tackled involves the usability of the rifle, which could become unusable when changing certain types of secondary weapons simultaneously.

Rise of the Ronin is out now for PS5.

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