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Dead Space 2 Remake Reportedly Canceled Following Underwhelming Sales of First Game

EA has put Dead Space 2 Remake on hold after the lackluster sales of the first game. This is according to a new report.

Update: In a statement to IGN, EA has denied this rumor stating there is “no validity to this story.”

Jeff Grubb, who has been known to be quite a reliable industry insider, has recently talked about EA Motive’s Dead Space 2 Remake. According to Jeff Grubb, EA Motive was working on the sequel in some position but the work on it has been put on hold due to the lackluster sales of the first game.

We had already covered this news earlier when we mentioned how EA Motive’s main development team and the creative team behind Dead Space Remake have been assigned to work on other projects including the upcoming Iron Man game, and a brand new Battlefield. While this won’t be an official confirmation. Jeff Grubb is quite a reliable source and has been known to be correct in the past.

Jeff Grubb talked about this report in his new podcast. He mentioned how the first game had lackluster sales and this doesn’t spell good for the sequel which was reportedly in development. He said that Dead Space 2 Remake was still in the concept phase, and the developers were doing pre-production on the game. Unfortunately, plans have changed now and the project is put on hold.

EA Motive is the main team behind the Dead Space Remake, and now they are working on two projects: Iron Man game and Battlefield.

Despite the critical reception of Dead Space Remake being positive, it failed to achieve decent sales. EA never disclosed the overall sales for the title, but it was quickly dropped on their EA Play service a few months after the launch of the game. It was also available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers through EA Play.

Dead Space Remake joins the likes of The Callisto Protocol in the sci-fi horror genre that just didn’t manage to achieve sales to continue them.

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