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Rise of the Ronin Latest Update May Have Fixed A Game-Breaking Bug

Rise of the Ronin has been out for a few days but there have been quite a few bugs reported for it, including a game-breaking one.

According to reports on social media like Reddit, there is a bug in the game related to the ability to respec our skills which makes the game unplayable.

Players have been experiencing a significant issue with the game involving the unintended resetting of relationship levels, gadget upgrades, and skills. This problem not only affects the game’s skill system but also disrupts the equipment and relationships crucial to the game’s progression. For example, players can re-equip certain postures, but they are unable to use associated martial arts, limiting their combat options and strategies.

This bug has greatly impacted the game’s enjoyability, with players finding combat tedious due to the inability to use greyed-out martial skills. Some players have attempted workarounds, such as rebuilding bonds with characters who unlock martial skills through bond missions and conversations. However, this is not a feasible solution for all affected skills and requires a significant time investment to rectify.

Additionally, players have encountered issues such as being stuck in specific game regions with no clear way to progress or return to previous areas. These problems compound the frustration, as some players experience this bug well into their gameplay, leading to substantial progress loss. This is particularly disheartening for those who encounter the bug after investing dozens of hours into the game, as restarting or losing significant progress is understandably unappealing.

However, it appears that the update that has been released today appears to have resolved this issue. It was reported by a user that they were able to get their skills back by restarting the game. This is after installing the new update, so there might be a fix implemented for this patch. Koei Tecmo hasn’t shared any detailed patch notes yet.

Rise of the Ronin is out now for PS5.

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