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Genshin Impact: How To Get The New Seelie Pets

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The developers of Genshin Impact have been pumping out a steady stream of new characters, locations, and events with each new update to the game ever since it was released in September of last year. And if you thought for a second that these unsung heroes were thinking of slowing down for even a second, then you’d be very wrong.

The brand new Lost Riches event is set to start very soon in the game, and during it, players will be able to acquire a number of different rewards. One of these is a very special Mini Seelie pet, but actually getting it will take quite a bit of effort.

Genshin Impact Seelies Guide

To get one of these pets for yourself, you will first have to take part in the Lost Riches event itself and dig up a bunch of Iron Coins.

These are a new currency in the game that is unique to this event, and our Genshin Impact Ulman Location guide can show you how to get started on your journey to collecting all of the 280 required coins.

Genshin Impact

Once you have all of the required Iron Coins in your possession, you can open up the Event Shop and choose from a selection of three Mini Seelies:

  • Mini Seelie: Dayflower
  • Mini Seelie: Rosé
  • Mini Seelie: Curcuma

All of these are essentially the same thing, with the only noticeable difference being their color.

Players should also be aware that they cannot acquire all three of the Mini Seelies available during the event, since they are only limited to one purchase. So make your choice carefully.

It should also be noted that these Seelies are most likely only going to be cosmetic items, even if they are technically classified as ‘Gadgets’. So while it will be cool to have a pet with you at all times, don’t expect it to actually do anything other than looking cool.

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