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Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5 vs Xbox Series X Graphics Comparison: Which Platform Is Best?

Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo was originally only available on the PS5, but with the Xbox Series X release this month, fans are likely interested in knowing which console manages to stay ahead of its competitor in terms of resolution and frame rate.

Ghostwire: Tokyo offers a total of four performance modes on both the the PS5 and Xbox Series X, while the Xbox Series S version only offers two. The game provides a wealth of options for users to tweak the experience to their liking. On PS5 and Xbox Series X, there’s a performance mode for 60 fps or a High Frame Rate mode for up to 120 fps. There is also a quality mode that runs at 30 FPS with the visuals cranked up.

Given all these different modes, one might be wondering how well the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions stack up against each other. The game performs pretty similar on both consoles across all modes. In terms of image quality, it runs at a native resolution of 1800p in Quality mode, 1440p in Performance mode, and 1080p in both Quality and Performance High Frame Rate modes. Ray-traced reflections are only enabled in Quality mode and Quality High Frame Rate mode on both consoles. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S runs the game at a native 1440p in Quality mode and 900p in Performance mode. The High Frame Rate modes are not available on the Series S.

In terms of performance, the game targets 30fps in Quality mode and 60fps in Performance mode on all three consoles. The High Frame Rate mode available on PS5 and Xbox Series X sets the refresh rate to 120Hz and delivers a frame rate well above 60fps for more fluid and responsive gameplay on VRR supported displays.

All in all, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions perform similar across all performance modes, delivering the best possible experience in Quality High Frame Rate mode on a VRR supported display.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Muhammad Ali Bari has a knack for covering reviews. He manages our content pipeline, creates timelines for scheduled editorial tasks, and helps us cover exciting content. In his spare time, he enjoys playing multiplayer games.

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