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God of War PC All Known Issues Addressed Including Memory Leaks and Out of Memory

Sony Santa Monica has shared a list of the known issues that the players are facing in God of War for PC. They have also listed a fix for them.

In a thread that has been posted on the official Steam support page for the game, they have shared the complete list of the known issues. Some of these can be a minor annoyance like the Mouse Acceleration and Memory Leaks.

Known Issues In God of War For PC

Not enough available memory

STATUS: [In Progress, need more info]

We have identified the issue with 12th gen Intel CPUs, but are still seeing reports from users with other CPUs.

If you have a different CPU and are experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket on our support page.[support.sms.playstation.com]

Last updated 1/14/22

In the meantime, please try these workarounds:

1. Ensure that your onboard graphics are disabled.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Select “Manage 3D Settings” under “3D Settings” on the left sidebar
  3. Ensure that Global Settings is selected and navigate to “OpenGL rendering GPU”
  4. Click the dropdown to it’s right, and ensure that it is set to your GPU instead of “Autoselect”

2. Verify your current available memory in Task Manager

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and go to the performance tab.
  2. Select Memory in this Window.

3. Attempt to close other applications that are consuming available memory like web browsers, other games, chat clients.

4. Attempt to reboot your computer.

Button prompts are incorrect

For DUALSHOCK controllers:

This issue is due to the way Steam captures game inputs. Please use this workaround:

  1. Open up the Steam Library
  2. Select God of War
  3. Click the Cogwheel on the right and click properties.
  4. On the left menu, click Controller
  5. Change the OVERRIDE option to “Disable Steam Input”

For DUALSENSE controllers:

Native DualSense for PC is only supported with a USB connection. If you’d like to use DUALSENSE with the correct in-game glyphs, please connect your controller directly to your PC using a wire.

Mouse Acceleration

Last Updated: 1/14/21

Some users are reporting that they are experiencing issues with negative mouse acceleration.

STATUS: [UNDER INVESTIGATION] Our team is aware of the feedback and currently investigating the issue.

Performance Drop with AMD GPUs

Last Updated: 1/15/21

Some players with AMD GPUs report performance drops in certain areas of the game.

STATUS: [UNDER INVESTIGATION] Our team is aware of the reports and is currently investigating the issue.

Memory Leaks

Last Updated: 1/16/21

Some players report having a memory leak after several hours of gameplay, which can result in a performance drop or crash.

STATUS: [NEED MORE INFO] Our team needs more information to help investigate the issue. If you can include your system specs and let us know if you are running any simultaneous applications (perf monitors, capture softwares, streaming, etc.), that would be extremely helpful!

Remember, if you are facing any of these issues, either try a fix that is listed above if available or try to contact the support page to get the developers to know about it.

God of War has only received a single update on PC so far, but there might be more on the way.

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