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God Of War Ragnarok Difficulty Options Explained

The difficulty options available in Santa Monica Studio’s upcoming PlayStation exclusive God of War Ragnarok have been detailed.

During a Q&A session on Discord, the difficulty options available in God of War Ragnarok were explained by the game’s developers, along with new details on armor customization, brand new skills, and more.

God of war ragnarok difficulty options

God of War Ragnarok Difficulty Settings

  • Give me a Story
  • Give me Grace
  • Give me Balance
  • Give me No Mercy
  • Give me God of War

According to the developers, the Give me God of War difficulty in the original 2018 game was intentionally kept harder from the very beginning in order to give players an idea of what they’re getting into. It was done to let them decide whether they waned to restart the game on a lower difficulty without the risk of losing their progress.

In God of War Ragnarok, however, Give me God of War will have a more normalized difficulty that will ramp up as players make progress. The developers also said that players will be able to lower the difficulty from Give Me God of War to one of the lower difficulties at any point in the game, should they find it too much to handle. However, the catch here is that they’ll be locked out of the Give Me God of War difficulty for the rest of the playthrough. Other difficulties can freely be interchanged any time during a playthrough, however.

Based on what the Santa Monica Studio developers said, each difficulty has been tested and modified to it them work, and it’s not a simple case of damage and health modifiers. They said the higher difficulties won’t have enemies that feel like sponges anymore, since they can still be defeated relatively quickly. However, players can expect enemies to be faster, more aggressive, and deal more damage.

Update 1.03 for God of War Ragnarok was recently rolled out. Read about it here.

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