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Gorn VR Review – Sharper Visuals, Missed Opportunities

Gorn VR has been ported to the PSVR 2, but does this represent a significant leap for the game, or is it merely a minor upgrade that doesn’t offer anything substantial? Based on my impressions, this might be a rather lackluster PSVR 2 port. We’ve seen in the past how developers have fully supported the PSVR 2 at launch, incorporating the DualSense controller and the functionality of the headset. However, this isn’t the case with Gorn VR. It’s a straightforward port with no major improvements, and the only noticeable upgrade seems to be sharper visuals.

The game was originally released in 2019 for the PSVR, where it proved to be an entertaining brawler. The controls were somewhat unintuitive, with movement suffering as a result. Moving around and grabbing others, which is crucial to the gameplay, was a hassle, and unfortunately, I didn’t see any improvement here with the PSVR 2 upgrade. On the plus side, the upgrade is free, so if you’ve bought the game, you can now enjoy it with better visuals. One of the major issues with Gorn is that it doesn’t even bother to take advantage of the improved audio offered on PSVR 2, which stands out starkly next to the movement system.

Gorn is primarily an arena brawler with some truly wacky physics. The visuals are bland, but they aim for a cartoonish art style instead of something realistic, which aligns with the gorefest that we experience in the game. It ends up feeling hilarious. The game offers a variety of weapons to the player, which can be used to maul or defend against the enemy. Swords, pikes, balls, or chains are some of the common weapons used in the game and work well with motion controls. It’s a shame that the movement is so cumbersome, requiring us to grab air just to move around, which can be challenging for those new to VR.

Different enemies fight against the player in the arenas, but their variety seems limited. Some of the fun comes from engaging with the different enemies and then watching them fight each other. It’s essentially a game of survival of the fittest in the most absurd way possible. The goofy physics coupled with over-the-top gore provide plenty of entertainment, but these are more suited for short bursts of gameplay. If you’re one of the users who dislike seeing blood flying around, you can change it to something less graphic, like candy or confetti.

The replay value is decent, especially if you play with friends. There are various weapons to use in the arena, and different levels available to keep the challenge fresh. However, the drawbacks of the lack of movement and the disappointing PSVR 2 support mean that if you’re considering buying the game just for the upgrade, it’s not worth it at the moment. If you’re looking for a fun and wacky arena brawler with motion controls, Gorn is decent, but it’s not something that will blow your mind.

Gorn VR Game Information

  • Price: $19.99
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Developer: Free Lives
  • Platform: PS5 (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


Gorn VR's PSVR 2 port offers improved visuals but lacks significant enhancements, with unintuitive controls and underutilized audio capabilities. Despite these issues, its cartoonish arena brawls and weapon variety provide short bursts of entertainment. However, the minimal improvements in the PSVR 2 version make it a questionable upgrade.

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