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Granblue Fantasy: Relink Update 1.001.002 Released, Patch Notes Detail Bug Fixes

Patch 1.001.002 for Granblue Fantasy: Relink brings several adjustments and fixes to enhance the player experience across platforms. This Granblue Fantasy: Relink update is marked as version 1.14 on PC, a slight bump from version 1.13 which was previously released for PC and consoles.

Notably, drop rates for Tears of the Apocalypse and Dark Residue in The Final Vision quest have been increased, providing players with a better chance of obtaining these valuable items. Additionally, a bug affecting Ferry’s link attacks has been resolved, ensuring that they are correctly counted toward completing side goals related to link attacks during quests.

Furthermore, a system bug specific to the Steam version of the game has been addressed. Previously, the game would pause when it was no longer the active window, causing inconvenience for players. With this fix, players on Steam can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay sessions without encountering this issue.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Update 1.001.002 Patch Notes

Changes from Ver. 1.1.3:

  • [Quests] Raised the drop rates of Tears of the Apocalypse and Dark Residue obtained from The Final Vision quest.
  • [Quests] Fixed a bug where link attacks performed by Ferry weren’t correctly counted for the “Perform at least X link attacks” side goal.
  • [System] Fixed a bug that caused the Steam version of the game to pause when the game is no longer the active window.

Source for the patch notes is the official Steam forums.

Granblue Fantasy unfolds in a world called the Sky Realm, where numerous islands float amid vast blue skies. Players assume the role of a captain leading a crew of adventurers, including a dragon named Vyrn and a girl named Lyria with mysterious powers. Their journey takes them across the Sky Realm, encountering various characters and challenges, all in pursuit of reaching Estalucia, a legendary island.

The game’s gameplay features real-time combat with a team of four characters, each with their own weapons, skills, and combat styles. Players can engage in solo quests or team up with others in cooperative play for up to four players. Strategic thinking is key, as players must understand enemy strengths and weaknesses to emerge victorious.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is out now for PS4, PS5, and PC. The game was developed and published by Cygames. Learn more about the game by reading our review.

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