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Persona 6 Color Theme Has Allegedly Been Revealed, P5X To Feature Main & Side Characters From P5

The color theme for Sega and Atlus’ next entry in the Persona series, Persona 6, has been revealed, based on the latest rumor.

Twitter/X insider Midori, who has leaked various details regarding projects that are currently in development at Sega and Atlus, has claimed that the color theme for Persona 6 is green. Artwork recently shared by Atlus lends further credibility to this rumor.

Persona 6 color theme

As seen above, there is a bucket filled with green paint next to the Persona 5 protagonist. According to the insider, this is the shade of green that is used for Persona 6’s color theme. When taking the number from the respective Persona title that each character represents, we end up with the number sequence of ‘65133224’, with the digital ‘6’ at the beginning being based on the assumption that the bucket represents Persona 6. Twitter user FranDarkstar discovered that if we reverse the order of the number, we get ‘42233156’. If we then use this sequence as an RGB value, we get the same color as the paint that’s inside the bucket. Coincidence or evidence? We’ll let our readers decide.

Midori mentioned that the development of Persona 6 began in the year 2019 alongside Persona 3 Reload and  Persona 5 Tactica. In addition, they shared that the Atlus livestream scheduled to happen later today will feature brand new information including the connection between Persona 5: The Phantom X and the original Persona 5. They mentioned that Yohsuke Uda and Persona series scenario writer Yusuke Nitta will also make an appearance during the presentation. Furthermore, they claimed that the main characters of Persona 5 are not the only characters from the game that will appear in Persona 5: The Phantom X.

The same insider had previously stated that Persona 6 is set for release sometime during 2025, and that the timing for a reveal is still being decided by Sega and Atlus. Read about it here.

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