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Persona 6 Is Rumored For Release In 2025, Reveal Schedule Remains Undecided

The release of Sega and Atlus’ next entry in the Person role-playing game series, Persona 6, is rumored to happen in the year 2025, though the game’s reveal schedule remains undecided.

According to Twitter user MbKKssTBhz5, who is prominently known for their leaks regarding Atlus titles, the release of Persona 6 will happen sometime during 2025, and the timing for a reveal is still being decided by the studio.

Persona 6 release reveal

Furthermore, they mentioned that Persona “ASA”, which is believed to be a party game featuring the cast from all mainline Persona titles, ranging from Persona 1 to 5, will be released in the year 2024. As per them, Persona 5X, which is rumored to be a redesigned version of Persona 5 for mobile devices, will also be released in 2024. They also claimed that the game will be localized for the Western market, though they currently did not have a release window for it.

Former Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who had previously deleted their account after leaking information regarding several Japanese games that were in development, had also stated that Persona 6 was a bit further away than what they had previously thought, and they believed it is set for release sometime in 2025.

Meanwhile, Twitter user MbKKssTBhz5 had previously shared that Persona 6 will be different from prior series entries in a lot of ways, because it is being developed by a Persona team that is comprised of mostly new staff members. They described the new direction for brought forth by Persona 6 to be along the lines of the coming together of Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 spin-offs. They added that a lot of the staff from Persona 3 Reload and the Persona 5 spin-offs are also working on Persona 6, along with some supervising.

Based on what the leaker said, Atlus will start talking about Persona 6 alongside an unrevealed spin-off sometime next year. The game was supposed to be shown a long time ago, but Atlus decided to wait a while longer. Regarding the topic of exclusivity, the leaker stated that they didn’t know a lot on the matter due publisher deals being kept a secret. However, they did know that the game would not see the light of day on previous-gen consoles. They added that they have only seen the game running on PS5.

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