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Halo: The Endless Trademark Filed By Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a new trademark called Halo: The Endless that is related to downloadable games/software. It was filed in December.

Halo: The Endless trademark was first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter. The trademark status was updated on December 7, or just before the launch of Halo Infinite. It is a new trademark that can be used for a video game. This trademark could be related to the upcoming Paramount+ show that is going to make its trailer debut during The Game Awards.

Halo: The Endless could be an expansion to Halo Infinite. The game’s main campaign has dropped on December 8 leaving the door open for further expansions or a sequel. While a sequel is unlikely to materialize this quickly, this doesn’t discount any expansion.

Microsoft and 343 Industries are committed to updating the game adding new content and fixing any of the issues that have been reported by the players during the ongoing multiplayer beta.

The game is also expected to get a co-op campaign later in 2022 while it was originally planned to launch this December. In addition to this, currently, there is no Forge mode available to play in the game. This was also delayed to 2022 ahead of the launch of the multiplayer and campaign.

Salal Awan

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