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Hellblade 2 Runs At Dynamic Resolution On Xbox Series X|S, 60 FPS Mode Not Supported In Favor Of “Cinematic” Experience

Xbox Game Studios and Ninja Theory’s upcoming action adventure game, Hellblade 2, will run at a dynamic resolution on Xbox Series X|S, and the console version will not support a 60 fps mode.

Speaking during an interview, Hellblade 2 VFX director Mark Slater-Tunstil revealed that the next-gen visuals seen in Hellblade 2 will come at a price on Xbox Series X|S, as the console version will not only run at a dynamic resolution but it will also not support a 60 fps mode. To clarify, the game will target a frame rate of 30 fps on both current-gen Xbox consoles.

Hellblade 2 60 fps xbox

There are no graphics modes option available in Hellblade 2 on Xbox Series X|S, and those who are looking to play the game at 60 fps will need to invest in a capable PC. The VFX director explained that the experience favors a more “cinematic” feel, much like in movies that run at 24 frames per second.

Combat and gameplay in Hellblade 2 appears to be slower in pace, so the lower frame rate may not be as bothersome to some. Still, it will come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping for some kind of a Performance mode to be included. Xbox first-party titles have been shy of supporting 40 fps modes in games, something that Sony actively supports in many of its first-party games. The inclusion of a 40 fps mode in Hellblade 2 would improve input response while retaining a smooth visual experience, at least on a VRR supported display.

Additionally, it was revealed that Ninja Theory founder Tameem Antoniades is no longer with the studio, and that he was only involved with the development of Hellblade 2 in the early stages. It’s unknown whether this was due to creative differences between him and Microsoft. The game’s development is now led by environment art director Dan Attwell, visual effects director Mark Slater-Tunstill, and audio director David Garcia.

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