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Footage From Canceled Monolith Productions Batman Game Has Leaked

Gameplay footage from a canceled Batman game that was being development by Monolith Productions has emerged online.

Back in 2010, Monolith Productions was working on a Batman game project that was later canceled. Over a decade later, gameplay footage from the title has mysteriously been leaked. The aforementioned footage can be seen below.

The first gameplay video appears to be from a prototype for the canceled Batman game. It shows the caped crusader’s detective mechanics, including the use of an audio filter diagnostic to find possible matches, combining circuitry and bypassing security nodes in order to connect to a server, and cracking system passwords.

The second video shows Batman in the Gotham City open world, as the player goes through briefings for available missions, batsuit loadouts, and the map screen. Batman is then seen gliding around the city after jumping from a tall skyscraper until he arrives at a crime scene involving a storefront looting. He then uses a grappling hook to get inside a building, where he scans a hard drive for evidence. He also throws a smoke bomb  to distract nearby enemies and take them out.

The game appears to be heavily inspired by Rocksteady Studios’ Arkham games, as it features similar mechanics and gadgets. As for why it was canceled remains unknown, though the studio going on to work on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor likely had something to do with it.

Monolith Productions is now working on a game based on Wonder Woman. Not much is officially known about the project at this point. That said, during a recent episode of the XboxEra Podcast, co-host Shpeshal Nick mentioned hearing that the game will feature jumping, leaping, and quick dashing, allowing it to feel “really cool”, like a “good version” of Crackdown.

Nick further mentioned that players will face off against mobs, mini-bosses, as well as main bosses. The game will allegedly also offer chests and loot drops for equipment, including boots, braces, and torso gear with individual stats, much like in the recent God of War games.

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