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Stellar Blade to Feature Abundance of Fanservice Costumes, Including Bikini Outfits

Shift Up’s Stellar Blade is one of the most anticipated games of this month, and new details about its costumes have emerged.

The game was recently rated by IMDA Singapore, which usually provides a better look at mature content. Since the game has been rated M18 for violence and gore, it is not intended for everyone.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by an alien invasion, Stellar Blade follows the journey of super-soldier Eve as she ventures to reclaim her homeland from the Naytiba invaders. From a third-person perspective, players take control of Eve, scavenging resources, interacting with human survivors, and engaging in intense battles against the alien threat.

The game’s M18 rating is indicative of its visceral combat, which frequently results in blood-splattered environments and graphic depictions of violence. Players can expect to encounter scenes of intense violence, including dismemberment and decapitation, as they confront humanoid enemies in melee combat.

Amidst the game’s mature themes, Stellar Blade introduces a variety of costumes for its female characters, including those that accentuate their physique with skin-tight bodysuits and reveal suggestive attire such as bikinis and cleavage-revealing outfits.

“Female characters are often depicted wearing suggestive outfits, including skin-tight bodysuits that accentuate their voluptuous body proportions and the curves of their breasts and buttocks, ” reads the IMDA rating description. “There are also and cleavage-revealing, bikini-like and high-slit outfits that expose cleavage or parts of their buttocks. Additionally, female characters’ breasts visibly jiggle as they move about. The player may also encounter statues with some details of nudity, but the depictions are not explicit.”

Earlier, a demo was released for the game that provided an early look at some of the costumes including a Skin Suit. The game is set to launch exclusively on the PS5 on April 26, 2024. It has been reported to suffer from a high degree of input lag.

Salal Awan

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