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Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.305 Focuses On Hotfix For Operation: Enduring Peace

Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.305 primarily addresses a specific bug related to the mission Operation: Enduring Peace. It also acknowledges several known issues introduced by this patch or persisted from previous versions. The update fixes a notable problem where enemies would spawn directly on the drill during the Operation: Enduring Peace order mission, which could significantly impact gameplay.

Despite this fix, the patch has a list of known issues that the developers are currently working to resolve. These issues range from social functionality problems, such as difficulties with friend requests and blocking players, to gameplay and technical issues, including crashes, inconsistencies in weapon behavior, and problems with in-game rewards and mission progression. These issues are important for players to be aware of as they continue to be addressed in future updates.

Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.305 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn on the drill during the Operation: Enduring Peace order mission.

Known Issues

  • Players may not have the option to send, accept, or decline friend requests.
  • Players may not have the option to block other players.
  • Blocked players are not added to the Blocked Player list or prevented from joining games.
  • The game may crash if the player changes the text language while on a mission.
  • Players may experience delays in medals and Super Credits payouts.
  • Players may occasionally receive excessive XP.
  • Enemies that bleed out do not progress Personal Orders and Eradicate missions.
  • Arc weapons sometimes behave inconsistently and may misfire.
  • Most weapons shoot below the crosshair when aiming down the sights.
  • The AR-61 Tenderizer deals too little damage and is not in its final intended state.
  • The spear’s targeting is inconsistent, making it hard to lock onto larger enemies.
  • The stratagem beam might attach itself to an enemy but will deploy to its original location.
  • A Helldiver may be unable to stand up from crouching when surrounded by enemies.
  • The “Hand Carts” ship module does not reduce the Shield Generator Pack’s cooldown.
  • Some players might become stuck in the Loadout when joining a game in progress.
  • Reinforcement may not be available for some players who join a game in progress.
  • Planet liberation reaches 100% at the end of every Defend mission.

Details on this update were shared on the official Steam forums.

Helldivers 2 is a cooperative twin-stick shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. It is a sequel to the original Helldivers, continuing the tradition of engaging, high-stakes gameplay in a dystopian future where players take on the role of elite soldiers tasked with protecting Super Earth.

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