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Silent Hill 2 Remake Faces Backlash Over New Character Models In Comparison To Original

Konami and Bloober Team’s upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 is receiving backlash over its character models in comparison to the original.

Social media is ablaze with negative sentiments toward the character models featured in the Silent Hill 2 remake in comparison to their counterparts in the original. Character faces do tend to look different in the remake, as developer Bloober Team has its own artistic interpretation of the original PS2 survival horror game from decades ago. We’ve put together a comparison of our own, showing the differences in the appearance of James, Angela, Laura, and Maria between the original and the remake.

Silent hill 2 character models comparison

Silent Hill 2 Original vs Remake Character Model Comparison

A screenshot comparison using some of the characters featured in Silent Hill 2 remake can be seen below, with the original on the left and the remake on the right.


Silent hill 2 character models comparison


Silent hill 2 character models comparison


Silent hill 2 character models comparison


To us, none of the character models in the remake stand out as inferior to the original in any way. The faces do indeed look different, but this is expected to happen in a remake. It’s a similar situation to when fans of the original Shadow of the Colossus weren’t happy with the way its protagonist, Wander, looked in the remake.

Update: Here is a video of the comparison between the original release and the remake.

Regardless of what one may feel about Bloober Team’s artistic approach, the Silent Hill 2 remake brings, as one would expect, a massive graphically improvement over the original. Characters feature detailed hair, expressive faces, improved animations, and the environments have also similarly received a major visual overhaul.

The Silent Hill 2 remake is set for release on October 8, 2024, for PS5 and PC. Those who pre-order the standard or deluxe edition on PS5 will receive a Mira the Dog mask and a Robbie the Rabbit mask DLC as an exclusive bonus that will not be available to PC players. Each mask can be used as a character’s cosmetic item. Deluxe edition pre-orders will also come with 48-hour early access.

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