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Silent Hill 2 Remake Steam Update Adds New Screenshot For James, Comparison Shows Improvement To Character Model

A new Steam update for Komani and Bloober Team’s upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake has added a new screenshot for protagonist James, showing an improvement to his character model.

As seen on SteamDB, Silent Hill 2 remake game files have received an update on Steam, after which protagonist James’ character model has received some major changes. As a result of said changes, he now has a different face that is closer to the one seen on the desktop icon for the PC version of the original Silent Hill 2.

Silent hill 2 remake steam update

Silent Hill 2 Remake Old vs New James Character Model Comparison

A comparison between James’ character model from before and after the back-end Steam update for the Silent Hill 2 remake can be seen below.

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The image at the bottom is of the aforementioned desktop icon for the PC version of the original Silent Hill 2. Fans will be glad to see that the updated face model for James more closely resembles his appearance in the 2001 original. It’s likely that this change was made by developer Bloober Team in reaction to the criticism some fans had raised against the differences in James’ appearance going from the original to the remake.

Previously, it was reported that the ESRB had rated Silent Hill 2 Remake M for Mature due to its explicit content, including blood and gore, strong language, sexual themes, and violence. The rating summary highlights the realistic portrayal of violence in Silent Hill 2 Remake, with enemies reacting vividly to gunfire, exhibiting signs of pain, and leaving behind blood-splatter effects. Additionally, the game’s environments often feature graphic scenes such as large bloodstains and exposed intestines/organs, adding to the overall horror experience. Silent Hill 2 also explores mature themes beyond physical violence. Cutscenes and illustrations in the game depict intense violence, such as characters being impaled or suffocated. Additionally, the narrative includes suggestive and sexual content, with characters performing in strip clubs and dialogue referencing sexual abuse and misconduct.

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