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Rise of the Ronin Update 1.004.001 Is A Minor Hotfix, Out Now On PS5

Team Ninja has released Rise of the Ronin update 1.004.001 today which appears to be a minor hotfix resolving some of the issues with the earlier patch.

The last update to the game was its most extensive patch yet and it resolved more than a hundred bugs across various categories like combat and gameplay.

To refresh your memory of the last patch, one of the main focus points lay in the fine-tuning of weapon attributes to ensure a harmonious balance between damage output and Ki consumption across various combat styles. For example, the Saber’s adjustments have been made to align the potency of its Martial Skill damage more equitably with the amount of Ki expended during combat actions. Similar fine-tuning extends to other weapons like the Polearm, Bayonet, Greatsword, Oxtail Blade, and Unarmed combat, where adjustments target Ki consumption, damage output, and the execution mechanics of specific martial skills, thereby offering players a more nuanced and balanced combat experience.

Furthermore, the update introduces nuanced adjustments to character controls, aiming to enhance the fluidity and responsiveness of combat maneuvers. By refining the input buffering mechanisms for martial skills during normal attacks, the update seeks to facilitate smoother execution of combat sequences, ensuring that players can seamlessly transition between regular attacks and the activation of martial skills. Moreover, enhancements to actions such as Flash Attack and Violent Gale aim to expedite their triggering during combat scenarios, empowering players with greater agility and control over their combat engagements. Additionally, adjustments to mid-air countersparks not only enhance their responsiveness but also augment their strategic value by increasing Ki recovery upon successful execution.

As of now, we don’t know which bugs have been fixed with the new Rise of the Ronin 1.004.001 patch, but based on the download size and update version, it is a minor hotfix at best.

Keep an eye out on Team Ninja’s social media where the patch notes might be shared.

Rise of the Ronin is out now for PS5.

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