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Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.202 Drops With Stability Fixes But No New Content

After the end of the major in-game event in Helldivers 2, the developers have released update 1.000.202 for PC and PS5.

Patch 01.000.202 for Helldivers 2 brings a host of updates and fixes aimed at improving stability and enhancing gameplay mechanics. Notable changes include adjustments to the stats UI for weapons, particularly weapons utilizing explosive projectiles like the PLAS-1 Scorcher, ensuring a fair representation of their damage output. Additionally, various crash fixes have been implemented to address issues occurring during mission deployment, extraction, and gameplay, particularly those related to deploying support weapons and using heat-based weaponry.

Furthermore, fixes have been applied to address hang-ups in the social menu and prevent players from being locked in place when picking up Medals and Super Credits. However, several known issues persist, including issues with friend invites and cross-play functionality, delays in Medals and Super Credits payouts, and inconsistencies with certain weapons’ behavior and targeting mechanics. These issues are being actively addressed by the development team, and ongoing efforts are being made to identify and resolve any additional issues encountered by players.

Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.202 Patch Notes


  • Updated the stats UI for weapons to include explosive damage, particularly affecting the PLAS-1 Scorcher.


  • Crash fixes:
    • Resolved crashes during mission deployment, extraction, and immediately after.
    • Fixed crashes related to deploying a large number of support weapons, using heat-based weapons, dying while using the jetpack, encountering large volumes of enemies, and picking up snowballs.
    • Addressed various other crashes occurring during gameplay.
  • Other fixes:
    • Resolved hang-ups when navigating the social menu.
    • Picking up Medals and Super Credits will no longer immobilize the player.

Known Issues:

  • Various issues involving friend invites and cross-play:
    • Blank player names on friend lists, inability to accept friend requests after a username change, cross-platform invites not appearing, inability to unfriend or unblock certain players.
  • Damage-over-time effects may only apply when dealt by the host.
  • Delays in Medals and Super Credits payouts may occur.
  • Enemies bleeding out do not progress Personal Orders and Eradicate missions.
  • Certain weapons like the Sickle cannot shoot through foliage.
  • Misalignment of scopes on some weapons such as the Anti-Materiel Rifle.
  • Inconsistent behavior of Arc weapons, sometimes misfiring.
  • Inconsistent targeting with the Spear, making it difficult to lock-on to larger enemies.
  • Stratagem beam may attach to an enemy but deploy to its original location.
  • Explosions do not cause limb damage (except when colliding with a rock).
  • Blue stratagems, like the hellbomb, bounce or repel when called down close to an Automaton Detector Tower.
  • Planet liberation reaches 100% at the end of every Defend mission.

These patch notes are taken from the official Steam forums and were posted by Arrowhead.

Helldivers 2 is available now for PS5 and PC.

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