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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits May Arrive On Xbox After End Of PlayStation Timed Exclusivity

Ember Lab’s action adventure game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, may arrive on Xbox platforms after the PlayStation timed exclusivity period has ended.

In response to a tweet from a fan who was disappointed by the lack of an Xbox version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the Ember Lab’s official Twitter account made a reassuring statement.

Kena bridge of spirits xbox

The developer told the fan to “never give up”, suggesting that the game will eventually make its way to Xbox, and the only likely reason it isn’t already available on the platform is that there is some sort of timed PlayStation console exclusivity in place that has not yet expired.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a 2021 action-adventure game developed and published by Ember Lab. The narrative focuses on Kena, a young spirit guide who uses her magical prowess to assist the dead in transitioning from this world to the next.

The game is played from a third-person perspective. Players can perform light, heavy, and charged attacks with Kena’s staff during combat. The staff can be upgraded to become a bow that can be used to attack foes, serve as a grappling hook, or shoot crystals to solve puzzles. While defending against enemies, players can activate Kena’s pulse ability, which serves as a shield and has a health meter that depletes when attacked. It also provides clues and activates objects. Once upgraded, it grants her the ability to dash forwards, which can be used to pass through barriers, dodge, and attack enemies.

The game was added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog last month in April, 2023. Those who are subscribed to either tier can check Kena: Bridge of Spirits at no additional cost.

Previously, it was reported that Kena: Bridge of Spirits had turned out to be quite the crowd-pleaser for PS5, outselling the likes of  Diablo II and Deathloop in its launch month.

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