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Kojima Productions Trademarks Hint At OD Gameplay Involving Various Social Systems

Kojima Productions has filed a series of trademarks that hint at the gameplay in its upcoming title, OD, possibly involving various social systems.

Two of the multiple trademarks filed for OD by Kojima Productions stand out as interesting, as they suggest the involvement of some kind of social element in its gameplay. One of the aforementioned trademarks is titled Social Scream System, while the other is called Social Stealth System.

od kojima productions gameplay

The classification of these trademarks suggest that OD may have some sort of social involvement, where streamers will be able to play a role in shaping the course of its gameplay. There is also mention of Augmented Reality game software, which implies that smartphone integration through a companion app may also have some effect on gameplay.

OD is said to be powered by Microsoft’s Cloud technology. As such, it is an online-only game that has the potential to be connected to social platforms at all times. Currently, it’s unclear what the terms “Social Scream” and “Social Stealth” mean, but they likely involve the use of some social platform. The term “SSS” was seem among the trademarks at the end of the teaser trailer for OD.

Previously, it was reported that a reference to Konami’s survival horror series, Silent Hill, was spotted in the teaser trailer for OD. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a message hidden in the mouth of the character played by Udo Kier. A frame by frame examination of the video reveals the appearance of a series of barely visible alphabets in some frames. The letter A at seen at the 00:37 second mark, T at the 00:40 second mark, A at the 00:42 second mark, M at the 00:44 second mark, and I at the 00:50 second mark.

Put together, the letters form the word “Atami”, which is a city in Japan, located in Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡). Translating the first word i.e. Jing, from Japanese (静) to English results in the word “quiet” or “silent”. Translating the second word i.e. Oka, from Japanese (岡) to English results in the word “hill”. Putting the two together, we end up with the term “silent hill”.

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