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A Silent Hill Reference Is Hidden In The Trailer For Kojima Productions’ OD

A reference to Konami’s survival horror series, Silent Hill, is hidden in the debut trailer for Kojima Projductions’ new Xbox game, OD.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a message hidden in the mouth of the character played by Udo Kier in the trailer for OD. A frame by frame examination of the video reveals the appearance of a series of barely visible alphabets in some frames. The letter A at seen at the 00:37 second mark, T at the 00:40 second mark, A at the 00:42 second mark, M at the 00:44 second mark, and I at the 00:50 second mark.

od silent hill kojima

Put together, the letters form the word “Atami”, which is a city in Japan, located in Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡). Translating the first word i.e. Jing, from Japanese (静) to English results in the word “quiet” or “silent”. Translating the second word i.e. Oka, from Japanese (岡) to English results in the word “hill”. Putting the two together, we end up with the term “silent hill”.

It’s unclear whether this reference has a deeper meaning in the context of the newly announced Xbox title. It’s possible that OD may be the spiritual successor to the canceled Silent Hill game, titled Silent Hills, that Kojima had been working on prior to his departure from Konami.

Previously, the first ever screenshots and gameplay footage from Kojima Productions’ OD had emerged on the internet. The leak came via private discord servers, where brand new footage and screenshots from the game were shared. It appears that Kojima Productions had prepared a teaser for OD featuring Margaret Qualley. The actress had appeared in the studio’s previous project i.e. Death Stranding.

The short presentation video doesn’t reveal much about the game itself, though the title and director Hideo Kojima’s name are prominently featured. The quality of the screenshots, which are taken from the aforementioned presentation video, is rather poor and not representative of the actual game. The teaser reveals OD’s protagonist, as she moves across dark corridors with a flashlight in the third person camera perspective.

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