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Notable Leaker Teases Nintendo Switch Announcement With Cryptic Image [Update]

Nintendo Switch leaker Pyoro appears to be teasing an announcement that might be related to the upcoming Switch Successor.

Nintendo had previously planned to release the Nintendo Switch successor later this year as per early reports, but the plans have changed. The new Nintendo hardware will be now out in 2025 but this doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t announce it this year.

Update: As per an ESRB rating, this leak is related to Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition.

Pyoro, who is one of the most reliable leakers when it comes to Nintendo products, has now put out a cryptic tweet showing the Nintendo World Championship cartridge. The notable thing in the image is the text written on the cartridge, which reads SW 1, SW 2, SW 3, and SW 4.

This has led fans to a guessing game where most are suggesting that this might be related to the Nintendo Switch successor. Pyoro might be teasing that the upcoming hardware could be named Nintendo Switch 2, instead of being an entirely new name like Nintendo went from Nintendo Wii to Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo usually has strayed away from traditional naming conventions. They named the Nintendo Entertainment System successor as Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo Wii was followed by Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo DS by Nintendo 3DS. Compared to its competitors, Nintendo doesn’t use iterative names for its hardware.

While the announcement by Pyoro could be completely unrelated to a new Nintendo Switch hardware, we also need to keep in mind that there is a high chance a new Nintendo Direct will happen in May. This could be a tease for that Direct too. Traditionally, Summer is the season when companies used to host their E3 conference but since the demise of E3, the focus has shifted to Nintendo Direct, Xbox Showcase, or PlayStation’s State of Play.

Nintendo is likely planning a Direct for May so Pyoro could be simply hinting at one of the announcements. What about your theories? Let us know in the comments below.

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