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Life Is Strange Developer Has 5 Unannounced Games In The Pipeline

Life is Strange developer Don’t Nod currently has five unannounced games in the pipeline, based on the latest information.

In an official press release, Don’t Nod has shared that it currently has seven projects in the pipeline, five of which are being developed in-house, including Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, which was announced at The Game Awards 2024 and is being developed by Don’t Nod Montréal. Furthermore, the studio is working on Koira alongside Belgian developer Studio Tolima. The latter was announced around Gamescom last year.

Life is strange developer unannounced games

In addition to the already announced projects, the Life is Strange developer is working on five unannounced games, four of which are in-house projects. The fifth is an unannounced project being worked on alongside Tiny Bull Studios. The press release states that each project and branch will have Don’t Nod’s renowned skills at its core, including engaging world building, compelling storytelling, and unique creative direction, all of which remain at the heart of the studio.

Additionally, the studio announced the shift to a new organizational structure in order to reinforce its core expertise among 3 key game genres, namely Role-Playing Games, Narrative Adventure games, and Action Adventure games. As per the studio, at the heart of this evolution lies the experience gained over 15 years of development and the creation of 10 games, which naturally led to the establishment of three distinct internal branches of expertise.

The creation of the RPG, Narrative Adventure, and Action Adventure branches mirrors Don’t Nod’s extensive background in varied gaming ventures. Ranging from Remember Me to Life is Strange, Tell Me Why, Vampyr, and Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, each branch draws from the studio’s previous triumphs. Don’t Nod’s diverse collection underscores its talent in crafting immersive environments featuring intricate characters and impactful decisions. Through these branches, the studio continues to expand on its legacy and reinforce its expertise in the genres that have characterized its success over the past 15 years.

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