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Monster Hunter Wilds Is Allegedly The Biggest Capcom Game Ever, Set For Release In Q1 2025

Update: Dusk Golem has clarified that the screenshot containing a supposed Discord conversation of his is entirely fabricated, and that he did not make any of those statements.

Original Story: The next entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, titled Monster Hunter Wilds, is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2025, based on the latest rumor.

Dusk Golem, who is known for his insight on projects that are in development at Capcom, has shared on his Discord (via) that the release window for Monster Hunter Wilds is Q1 2025. He said that he has been hearing a lot of things about the game from a lot of different people. While he doesn’t have anything major to share just yet, he did mention that Capcom is seemingly going all out on this project, as it’s by far the biggest game the company has ever attempted.

Monster hunter wilds release

According to Golem, Capcom has been working on Monster Hunter Wilds for over 5 years, as development began in some capacity back in early 2019. The Monster Hunter World director has had complete freedom with respect to creative decision making. A lot of the scrapped ideas from the previous game have been incorporated into Monster Hunter Wilds. Golem suggested that the development team has left no stone unturned, even bringing back the big Godzilla monster for the next Monster Hunter game.

Golem pointed out that Monster Hunter Wilds is a fully open world game. This was the world design the development team had in mind since the very beginning, and, as per him, it shows. The entire game revolves around it, from the story to the endgame.

Regarding his source, Golem said that they aren’t a Monster Hunter expert, but even they could tell that the next entry is experimenting far more than Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Rise. While it may be considered a risk, Golem said that feedback from the game has been “stellar” thus far. His source claims that the release window for Monster Hunter Wilds is Q1 2025, and that there have no problem in development so far. Capcom is said to be relying on the success of the title to carry it through the entire fiscal year.

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