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Monster Hunter 6 Is Rumored To Launch On Nintendo Switch 2

Capcom’s next entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter 6, will launch on the Nintendo Switch 2 alongside other platforms, based on the latest rumor.

Universo Nintendo’s Editor-in-Chief, necrolipe, took to enthusiast gaming forum, Famiboard, to reveal that Monster Hunter 6 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch 2 alongside other platforms. Not a whole lot is known about the next mainline entry in the Monster Hunter series at this point. However, earlier rumors suggested that the game may be called Monster Hunter Paradise. The name had leaked via a discord datamine, and was later confirmed by an official discord partner.

Monster hunter 6 nintendo switch 2

Subsequently, another leak shared on 4chan had suggested that the unannounced Monster Hunter Paradise will feature a battle pass in place of expansions, and that it will feature over 100 monsters at launch. Based on the information shared by the unknown source, most of the aforementioned monsters are already available in Monster Hunter Rise, World and Generations. Additionally, the leaked information stated that players will be able to purchase a battle pass once the on-going season ends, though they will miss out on time sensitive event quests, which may return later at some point. Currently, there is no word on whether the game will support crossplay across all plaforms. The feature is not available in either of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise.

The most recent entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise, is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021. The game later received an expansion titled Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Rise adopts many of the new standards introduced in Monster Hunter World, while also adding new elements and mechanics, such as the usage of Wirebugs to travel the world and mount and ride particular creatures, as well as a new animal companion called a Palamute that may be used to travel the map or engage in combat.

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