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Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways Review – Economical Yet Highly Enjoyable

The Separate Ways expansion enriches the already outstanding Resident Evil 4 Remake by incorporating content that was initially left out. For those who experienced the original Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 2, Separate Ways may be a familiar side story. It delves into the adventures of Ada Wong within the universe of Resident Evil 4. During the remake’s development, fans were curious about the fate of this intriguing subplot. As it turns out, the expansion has been released, albeit with a modest price tag attached. The question then arises: does the cost adequately justify the expansion’s belated release?

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong takes center stage as a wholly unique character, distinct in both gameplay and control mechanics from Leon, the protagonist of the main storyline. Throughout the core narrative of Resident Evil 4, Ada Wong makes several appearances, and it becomes evident that she plays a pivotal role in unfolding the game’s plot. This expansion offers players the opportunity to experience the game’s story through Ada Wong’s perspective, complete with her exclusive arsenal and special abilities. Although some locations are revisited, the expansion feels like an entirely fresh experience. Its concise duration serves as a fitting supplement to the main game, enhancing the overall experience.

Ada Wong possesses a significant edge over Leon when it comes to traversing the game’s environment, thanks to her reliable grapple gun. This tool allows her to reach areas that were previously inaccessible, thereby granting her enhanced mobility. Although her arsenal of weapons may not be as extensive as Leon’s in the main game, this limitation does not detract from the enjoyment of playing as her. The expansion even includes certain boss fights that series veterans may recognize as previously omitted content, and it is gratifying to see these battles reintroduced in their updated, remastered form.

The Separate Ways expansion is structured into chapters, much like the main game, albeit shorter in length. The developers have seized this opportunity to create a more cohesive narrative, tying up some loose ends left unresolved in the main storyline. While the expansion may not be deemed essential for enjoying the Resident Evil 4 Remake—given that the original game remains robust—it is highly recommended, especially considering its affordable price. In an era where game expansions often come with steep price tags and are sometimes bundled in season passes, Capcom has taken a commendable step by offering this expansion at the modest cost of $9.99.

In contrast to the main game, which features a substantial campaign lasting well over 10 hours, Separate Ways is a fast-paced experience that emphasizes action over dialogue. This focus ensures that the game remains engaging throughout its various chapters. While Leon’s primary objective is to rescue the President’s daughter, Ada is on an entirely distinct mission. The expansion also succeeds in fleshing out Ada’s character in a manner that the original game did not, elevating her from a mere secondary figure to a more complex and integral part of the story.

The grapple gun not only facilitates unique methods of traversal but also introduces innovative combat tactics. Although its use is limited to specific locations, it proves invaluable when the player is cornered or overwhelmed by enemies. While additional functionalities for the grapple gun would have been welcome, its current capabilities are quite satisfying, particularly considering the expansion’s budget-friendly price and the wealth of new content it introduces.

Separate Ways is not the sole addition to the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The game also features unlockable characters in its Mercenaries mode, including fan favorites like Wesker and Ada Wong. While the Mercenaries mode is enjoyable, it can become somewhat monotonous over time. The inclusion of new characters revitalizes the mode, offering players a fresh incentive to revisit and complete all the stages, thereby serving as a welcome bonus to the overall gaming experience.

Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways Game Information

  • Price: $9.99
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform: PC (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


Separate Ways enriches the Resident Evil 4 Remake by spotlighting Ada Wong and offering distinct gameplay, all at a commendable price point. A must-buy for both newcomers and series veterans.

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