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Little Devil Inside: What Happened To It and When Will It Release?

Little Devil Inside surprised everyone during a PlayStation 5 showcase last June, but the game is yet to get a release date or update, so what happened?

Before we talk about Little Devil Inside, let’s take the time to share more on the game’s origin which happened on a Kickstarter. The game was first announced with a Kickstarter back in April 2015 by the developer Neostream, or almost six years ago. This shows how long it has been in development, and even back then, the developers had supposedly worked on it for a good amount of time before they started to gather funds for a Kickstarter.

In their Kickstarter, they promised a Fall 2016 release window for the project and also had a stretch goal for the Nintendo Wii U (RIP) version. It is fair to assume that this is no longer possible given the death of the console itself. They had a funding goal of AUD 250K and managed to achieve it easily ending at AUD 305K. After being unable to fulfill the release goals, the devs just disappeared along with the game. This is until the game resurfaced again–after years of silence from the developers–as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive that will also launch on PC.

Honestly, it looked quite good at that time but it was immediately thrown into a controversy due to the design of certain characters. This prompted the developers to share an apology on Facebook. They also talked about it on a Kickstarter update.

So now we have a game that not only failed to meet its Kickstarter release goal, but was facing backlash from its backers after securing funding with a PS5 console deal. While we wish this was the end of it, this was not the case as the game went missing again. It was recently seen in a promotional image from PlayStation Latam that suggested a release date this July, but the original tweet was quickly deleted.

As far as the release of this game is concerned, we only know about the July 2021 release window, but that is likely a mistake. Speaking of which, here is a description of Little Devil Inside that is shared on the official PlayStation website.

Set in a Victorian-like era where creatures, monsters and other mysterious lifeforms DO exist, Little Devil Inside is a stylish action adventure from independent developer Neostream Interactive.

You are hired by a professor at the local university to help research, investigate and study paranormal activities that are reported but rarely acknowledged as legitimate threats.

Embark on risky and dangerous missions, engage in side quests, encounter unexpected events, roam and explore a world where industrial advancements are well under way. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and fulfill your assignments.

If we take a look at the PS5 announcement trailer, the game does show a lot of promise. Many were hoping that it would get an announcement during the State of Play this July, but as we saw, this is not the case as well. Right now, there is no update on the social media page of Little Devil Inside, or the Kickstarter so the only thing that can be done is to hope and wait for an official announcement.

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