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Lords Of The Fallen Publisher Expects $100M In Revenue, PlayStation Emerges As Leading Sales Platform

Lords of the Fallen publisher, CI Games, expects its latest action role-playing game to generate $100 million in revenue over the coming years, as PlayStation emerges as the game’s leading sales platform.

In a press release regarding its consolidated quarterly report for Q3 2023, CI Games president Marek Tymiński revealed that its goal with Lords of the Fallen is to achieve $100 million in revenue in the next few years, and he pointed out that PlayStation is currently the game’s biggest platform in terms of sales. He also mentioned that that the conversion rate of Steam users who went from adding Lords of the Fallen to their wish list to making the purchase is approximately 10%.

Lords of the fallen sales

Tymiński further stated that games like Lords of The Fallen are long-sellers. The company plans to monetize the game in the coming years. According to to the CEO, CI Games is satisfied with the sales results of Lords of The Fallen, but it does not hide the fact that it had higher expectations in terms of revenue. He mentioned that it should also be noted that the second half of 2023 was focused on major competition from other titles. The winners turned out to be the studios with the biggest IPs, such as Spider-Man 2, he added.

Based on the company’s estimates, Lords of The Fallen has sold approximately 900,000 copies thus far. It also estimates that 50% of the sales came from the game’s Deluxe edition. Tymiński’s presentation revealed that the game’s development budget was PLN 178 million (approximately $44.8 million) and the marketing budget was PLN 81.5 million (approximately $20.5 million).

Additionally, Tymiński mentioned that CI Games is focusing on two projects, tentatively titled “Survive” and “3”, the planned premieres of which are scheduled to take place in 2025 and 2026, respectively. The former is being developed by Underdog Studio, while Hexworks is in charge of the latter. The project titled “3” will be developed using Unreal Engine 5 and the development team will take everything it learned from the development of Lords of The Fallen and implement it in the new project. As for the genre, much like Lords of The Fallen, “3” is set to be an action role-playing game. Tymiński hinted that it will feature a fantasy theme and setting.

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