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Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon Creator Has No Interest In Bringing These Games To Modern Platforms

The creator of Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon has no interest in bringing the role-playing games to modern platforms.

Speaking during an interview with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Japanese game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi mentioned that he has no interest in bringing older games like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon to modern platforms. Though, he did express interest in reviving Terra Battle. The latter was released on mobile platforms back in 2014 but is no longer available in playable form.

Lost odyssey blue dragon

Elsewhere in the interview, Sakaguchi talked about his upcoming project i.e. a new version of Fantasion for modern platforms. He mentioned that Mistwalker was considering publishing the game itself when Square Enix’s Yoshida offered to have the the company publish it. This gave rise to Fantasian Neo Dimension, a new version of the game that will be available for PC and current-gen consoles later this year. The new release will run at a resolution of 4K and will feature voice overs as well as other Quality of Life improvements.

The legendary game designer also revealed that he is also finalizing the story for a new title with Mistwalker. The developer had recently filed a trademark for a game called Fantasian Dark Edge, which may be the game he referred to. While he didn’t confirm or deny the existence of a sequel to Fantasian, he called the new project “something new”.

Prior to last month’s Xbox Game Showcase, Xbox Era’s Shpeshal Nick had mentioned hearing about the show featuring something Xbox 360 era JRPG fans would be excited about. An announcement of this nature didn’t materialize at the event, however. In response, Nick said that what he had heard was likely to have been false. He had heard that a Blue Dragon remaster was set to be announced at the event. Sakaguchi’s statement during the Bloomberg interview leaves little doubt that the information was indeed false.

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