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Major GTA VI Leak Reveals Screenshots And Gameplay Videos

A massive leak has resulted in brand new screenshots and videos of an alpha build of GTA VI appearing on the internet. The hack allegedly comes from the same individual who hacked Uber a few days earlier.

Based on the videos and screenshots, they appear to have been taken from an early developmental build of GTA VI. The tram seen in the footage has “Vice City” prominently mentioned on it, implying that the footage is indeed taken from a never before seen GTA game.

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The videos show of several aspects of the game, including how dialogue and interaction with NPCs works. Visually speaking, there’s not much to say, as this is likely an early developmental build, and, therefore, not how the final game should look.

Based on the footage, the gameplay videos are captured from a variety of different hardware configurations, including different types of PCs using Nvidia GTX 1080 and RTX 2080 Super as well as an RTX 3080. Some of the footage has also been captured via consoles, including a PS4. It is, therefore, likely that GTA VI is being developed as a cross-gen title.

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The hacker has also leaked source code data from GTA VI online, including 10,000 lines of code. A quick glance at snippets of code reveals text IDs for actions that can be performed by the player character, such as “equip Jetpack” and “mount horse”.

Previously, it was reported that one of the protagonists in GTA VI will be female, and, sure enough, the leaked footage shows the player in control of a female character. Here name is not yet known, however, based on what Schreier had learned from those familiar with the game’s development, she is a Latina woman featured in a story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde’s bank robbery.

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In contrast to other Grand Theft Auto games, the creators are also taking care not to make jokes about marginalized groups, the sources claims. Schreier noted that over the past four years, Rockstar Games has worked to transform its culture and evolve into a kinder, more progressive company.

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A screenshot showing the zoomed in view GTA VI’s map can be seen below.

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GTA 6 is expected to launch during Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year. Industry analysts expect it to ship sometime between April 2023 to March 2024. However, those within the development team are doubtful about an actual time frame. The game has been under development in some capacity since the year 2014.

Although there are tentative schedules in place, those contacted by Schreier stated that they were unaware of any specific release date and anticipated the game would not be available for at least another two years. A number of designers left Rockstar’s Edinburgh headquarters earlier this year, citing the lack of progress to coworkers as the reason behind their departure.

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