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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Download Size Confirmed For PS4 and Xbox One

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is not out until May 14 but the download size of the game is already confirmed and pre-load is live on Xbox One.

The game requires 120 GB of hard disk space on PC so it was expected to have a huge size on consoles as well. There is no native PS5 or Xbox Series version for the upcoming trilogy so unfortunately, it won’t be possible to take advantage of the compression technique employed on the current-generation consoles for reduced file size.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition File Size

The file size of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS4 and Xbox One has been revealed thanks to the listing on Microsoft Store. Users who have the game on Xbox App can pre-load it thus revealing the file size, which is just around 84 GB. This doesn’t account for any potential patches.

As for the file size on the PS4/PS5, the base version has been reported at 67.987 GB for the US version, and 87.366 GB for the EU version. This brings the download size including the day one patch to roughly 80 GB for the US version and 101 GB for the EU version. This is in line with the minimum required space on PC, which was confirmed t 120 GB.

mass effect legendary edition file size

When Will The Pre-Load Go Live On PS4 and Xbox One

The pre-load for the game is not live yet on PC or PS4. It should go live on May 12 on PS4 and the launch day for PC. It can be downloaded on the Xbox One or Xbox Series ahead of the launch. As we have mentioned before, the file size is roughly 84 GB. The game might get a patch before it launches on May 14 so this is not the final download size on Xbox consoles.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be out on May 14, 2021, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. It will run at 4K at 60 FPS on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series while also supporting 120 FPS on Xbox Series X.

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