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Metal Gear Solid Delta Main Menu Revealed, 4K Update Announced For MGS Legacy Collection

The main menu screen for Konami and Virtuous’ stealth action title, Metal Gear Solid: Delta, has been revealed, and a 4K update has been announced for the MGS Legacy Collection.

In an official video regarding the development of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, current series producer Noriaki Okamura shared the main menu screen for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Delta (@ 15:45 during the video). He talked about inheriting the legacy of the IP, and mentioned that it’s the development team’s duty to both preserve its legacy and determine what direction to take it in the future.

Metal gear solid delta main menu

Okamura stated that the reason behind him taking responsibility of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is that he’s one of Konami’s earliest employees. He mentioned that his first project at the company was Policenauts.

Metal Gear Solid Delta Title Screen Revealed

The aforementioned main menu screen for Metal Gear Solid Delta can be seen below.

Additionally, the producer brought up a list of issues that the development team intends on resolving in the Metal Gear Solid Collection Volume 1. For starters, the team is looking to implement native 4k resolution for all titles featured in the collection via a free update sometime in the future. He talked about the development team’s goal of wanting to preserve the look and feel of the original games.

According to Okamura, following Metal Gear Solid Delta, the decision to work on full-fledged remakes with new features and visuals will be evaluated on a game-by-game basis. For now, the development team is looking evaluate how Metal Gear Solid Delta is received by fans. That said, he expressed that the company is willing to work on other modern remakes in the series for those who want them. He further mentioned that the development team will have a major video presentation happening sometime soon, where it will reveal some bigger announcements regarding the franchise’s future.

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