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Metroid Prime 4 Rumored To Be In An Advanced State Of Development, Debut Trailer In The Works

Nintendo and Retro Studios’ upcoming entry in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4, is in an advanced state of development, and a debut trailer is right around the corner, based on the latest rumor.

YouTuber SuperMetalDave64 has discovered evidence that suggests the development of Metroid Prime 4 has been completed and the game is essentially waiting to be revealed via a debut trailer that is currently in the works. He also claims to have found the key production company that is partnering with Retro Studios for the creation of the debut trailer for Samus’ latest adventure.

Metroid prime 4 development

The YouTuber showed a screenshot from the LinkedIn profile of Edwin Atwell, who has been working as a QA tester for Metroid Prime 4 since March, 2023. Based on the 6 to 9 month duration of his prior QA duties for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, it is assumed that the testing phase for Metroid Prime 4 has been completed and the game has possibly been ready to ship as of Holiday 2023. However, the YouTuber assumed that Nintendo ended up delaying the game, possibly to release it alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 as a launch title. If this is true, it would mean that Metroid Prime 4 would be released for both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch 2, with the latter receiving graphical enhancements.

It was also revealed by the YouTuber that Retro Studios has partnered with Next-Gen Dreams 3D, a production studio for hire that has previously worked with Take Two, Ubisoft, Arkane Studios. The company specializes in “stylized” debut trailers for new games, and one of the most recent examples of its work is the debut trailer for Take Two’s Judas, which was revealed at The Game Awards 2022. They YouTuber showed a screenshot of the company’s list of clients on its official site, showing Retro Studios’ logo. However, a quick glance at the website shows that the developer’s logo has since been removed from Next-Gen Dreams 3D’s portfolio. This suggests that a debut trailer for Metroid Prime 4 may be right around the corner.

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