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Microsoft Is Interested In Bringing Trophy-Like Platinum Xbox Achievements

Microsoft is interested in bringing trophy-like Platinum Achievements to the Xbox ecosystem, based on the latest information.

Speaking during the latest episode of The Xbox Two, co-host Jez Corden mentioned that he has talked with an Xbox executive at Gamescom specifically regarding the introduction of Platinum Achievements to the ecosystem. The aforementioned executive said that Microsoft is interested in revamping the achievements system. It’s essentially a matter of priorities and time for the company, suggesting that Platinum achievements similar to Platinum trophies will eventually be added to the Xbox ecosystem.

Xbox platinum achievements

Jez believes that the addition of Platinum achievements as well as other improvements to the achievement system will eventually come, but it’s just a matter of getting through the things Microsoft currently wants to get done before that.

Achievements are integrated into games to prolong the game’s appeal and motivate players to go beyond merely completing it. They serve as specific challenges set by the developer for players to meet. These achievements can align with the game’s primary objectives, like completing specific game levels, or involve secondary tasks such as discovering hidden power-ups or secret levels. They can also be entirely separate from the game’s primary or secondary goals, requiring players to complete the game in a particularly challenging or unconventional manner, such as speedrunning or playing without defeating any enemies. Some achievements may reference other achievements, often culminating in a single achievement that requires unlocking all others.

In contrast to secrets, which historically offered tangible benefits like easier gameplay or additional game features, achievements do not necessarily provide direct in-game advantages or extra features. Moreover, modern achievements are typically visible outside of the game environment, appearing on the player’s online profile (e.g., Gamertag for Microsoft’s Live Anywhere network, PSN ID for PlayStation Network, User Profile Achievement Showcases for Steam etc.).

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