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Microsoft Store Hints At Upcoming Release Of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On Steam

The Microsoft Store has hinted at the possible upcoming release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam.

Reddit user spotted mention of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Steam on the Microsoft Store. They mentioned that they were on their way to redeem their 500 minecoins, and the store informed them that it requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, or Steam. The mention of Valve’s digital distribution platform is new, and likely means that the game is headed to there sometime soon.

Minecraft bedrock edition steam

Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement regarding Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s arrival on Steam. Though, we’re inclined to believe that it will indeed be available on the platform in the near future. Similarly, prior hints suggested that a PS5 version of the game is also on its way. Title IDs for a PS5 version of Minecraft were recently published on the PlayStation Network back-end.

When the PS5 launched in 2020, Minecraft didn’t have a native version due to Microsoft not receiving a development kit from Sony. Instead, an Xbox Series X|S port was released, while PS5 users played the PS4 version via backwards compatibility. Now that Mojang Studios has obtained PS5 development kits, it seems likely that the game will receive a native PS5 version.

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition update introduced a new mob to the game as well as new items to craft. In addition, it brought a range of other exciting features that enhanced gameplay and social interaction within the community. The aforementioned new mob is the Armadillo, and it can be found in the Savannas and Badlands biomes. These creatures drop Armadillo Scutes when brushed, and they have a unique behavior of rolling up when they sense potential threats. This defensive mechanism is triggered when they encounter sprinting players, mounted individuals, undead mobs, or aggressive entities.

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