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Microsoft Targeting Next Nintendo Hardware For New Call Of Duty Games, Possibly Black Ops 6

Microsoft is reportedly targeting the next Nintendo hardware for its new Call of Duty titles, possibly starting with Black Ops 6.

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson took to Twitter/X to share that, based on developer sources, it is understood Microsoft will bring Call of Duty to the Nintendo Switch successor, possibly starting with Black Ops 6 next year. He also mentioned that this was stated as part of the Microsoft/Activision deal, which will bring Call of Duty titles to Nintendo platforms for the next 10 years.

black ops 6 nintendo

Henderson’s sources said that the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t necessarily need to move away from previous generation after the move to the Call of Duty HQ. The platform was developed to bring players benefits like carry forward of stats and purchased items, easier file size management, and more seamless switching between Call of Duty: Warzone and the latest annual releases.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will be announced before March, 2025, as per the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa. Meanwhile, Nikkei expects the console to launch as early as March, 2025. As such, it’s clear that the Nintendo Switch 2 will not be available for retail by Holiday 2024, which is when Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is expected to launch. However, the game may make an appearance on the platform Nintendo chooses to officially unveil the Switch 2 and its launch lineup. As such, the Switch 2 version of the first-person shooter may launch alongside the console.

Recently, an ARG website went live to promote Call of Duty Black Ops 6. The site loads a video that shows a team of operatives moving towards a federally closed area during night time. They are seen wearing night vision gear and in pursuit of someone. The teaser follows the ‘found footage’ approach to cinematography. An individual who appears to be from the military, judging by his clothing, is shown towards the end of the teaser, with his face censored. The teaser trailer for the next Call of Duty title ends with a view of Mount Rushmore, with each of the sculptures having blindfolds on with the words “THE TRUTH LIES” written on them.

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