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Monster Hunter Rise PS5 vs Xbox Series Comparison: Which Platform Is Best

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ports of Monster Hunter Rise are now available. If you’re on the fence about which version manages to stay ahead of its competitor in terms of resolution and frame rate, read ahead.

Given that it was originally a Nintendo Switch title, Monster Hunter Rise performs very well on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, one version does manage to outperform the other.

Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 and Xbox Series X offers pretty much all of the graphical settings available in the PC version, giving players the opportunity to make their own choice for both the visuals and performance. The game includes 3 graphics presets i.e. Graphics, Default, and Performance. In terms of image quality, the Default preset runs the game at a native resolution of 4K (3840×2160), while the Graphics preset takes things one step further, running at 4800×2700 internally and offering the best possible image quality. Performance mode runs the game at 2016×1134 on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S runs both the Graphics and Default modes at 2560×1440, and the Performance mode at a relatively lower resolution of 1344×756.

In terms of graphical settings, Default mode runs on the PS5 and Xbox Series X with high resolution textures enabled, texture filtering set to High, ambient occlusion enabled, shadow quality set to Medium, and foliage sway enabled. Graphics mode runs the game at the same settings as the Default mode, with the only exception being shadow quality, which is set to High. Lastly, Performance mode runs the game with high resolution textures disabled, texture filtering set to Low, ambient occlusion disabled, shadow quality set to Low, and foliage sway disabled.

Monster hunter rise ps5 xbox series

As far as frame rate is concerned, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S offer a like for like experience in Default mode, delivering a stable 60fps throughout the game. However, the PS5 takes the lead in both the Graphics and Performance modes. The latter essentially aims to deliver 120fps, and does so for the most part on PS5. However, on the Xbox Series X|S, the frame rate often dips below the target, even during instances where not much is happening on screen. In Graphics mode, all versions dip below the target frame rate of 60fps, though the PS5 does a better job of sticking to it for the most part. The Series X version often dip into the mid to low 50s, and the Series S version even further.

All in all, while all versions perform well, it’s the PS5 version that delivers the most stable performance in both Graphics and Performance modes. Furthermore, players are encouraged to play around with the settings and find their own sweet spot for visuals and performance.

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