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Monster Hunter World Ships 20 Million Copies Globally

Capcom has shared a new sales record for Monster Hunter World confirming that the game has shipped more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Monster Hunter World is not only the fastest-selling game released by Capcom, it is also their best-selling one so far. It has done well not just on consoles but also on PC.

In a press release shared by Capcom, they have confirmed that the game has now sold 20 million copies. This includes the base game and the Iceborne expansion.

The game was first released back in January 2018. It has continued to do well on PC and consoles. Its original release was followed by an expansion called Iceborne that was available in 2019.

Capcom followed Monster Hunter World with Monster Hunter Rise, which was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It is also launching in January 2022 for the PC. The game has sold through 7.5 million copies so far. A demo for the PC version was available recently that gives an idea of how the PC version stacks against the Nintendo Switch version.

Despite the massive success of their Monster Hunter series, Capcom hasn’t followed up on its success and no sequel has been confirmed so far. Right now, they are focused on bringing Monster Hunter Rise to PC later in January. They are also working on an expansion for Monster Hunter Rise that will be out in Summer 2022.

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